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Fort Collins Physical Rehabilitation

Animal physical therapy is an important part of the multidisciplinary approach to treating animal pain and dysfunction. It can help an animal improve mobility, decrease pain, increase performance (walking, hiking, agility, etc.), and increase overall quality of life.

Another benefit to physical therapy is to increase healing following orthopedic surgeries. Therapy, in some cases, may begin before surgery to strengthen the animal for a change in gait or function following surgery. For example, dogs that require surgery to correct a torn cranial (anterior) cruciate ligament tear (CCL or ACL tear) are at higher risk of tearing the same ligament in the opposite leg. With physical therapy we can decrease chances of the opposite leg needing surgery as we prepare the animal for increased weight bearing on that limb following surgery of the affected knee. In addition, we can work to decrease pain in the affected knee prior to, immediately following, and in the weeks following surgery.

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